Salamanca in two days

Today we will look to do in Salamanca in two days, because it is a beautiful city and we should not let a single detail to do in this city. For this reason, we are going to present a summary to see in Salamanca in a weekend.

What to see in Salamanca in 2 days:

First, we recommend you visit the main square of Salamanca, which is one of the most beautiful squares in the world. Moreover, in the square we find the tourist office, where we can get a free map of Salamanca and find information about the city.

1st day in Salamanca:

– We have to visit the cathedral and see the outside and inside. In addition, I also recommend watching the astronaut exterior of the new cathedral.
– Taking advantage that we are already in the area, we invite you down to the lower part of the city, where we will find the river Tormes and the Roman bridge, which we see on our visit.
– To recuperate, we recommend enjoy tapas and typical dishes of Salamanca. To do this we must visit the various bars and restaurants that we find on the streets of the city.
– In the afternoon we recommend walking the ancient streets of Salamanca, such as Rua Street, San Pablo Street, Street Bookshelves … and visit places such amounts as the Plaza de Anaya, the home of the shells, Salinas palace and the Clergy.
– Later we can enjoy the party night of Salamanca and its bars and nightclubs, as the party in Salamanca and fun are guaranteed.

2nd day in Salamanca:

  After a fun day of rest, leisure and diveresión welcome you to visit important places in the city as the Cave of Salamanca, the Dominicans and different churches in the city.
– The Museum of Salamanca car is very interesting to visit, and we will be able to enjoy all the history of cars, which makes it very interesting.
– Now I recommend taking forces with the cuisine of Salamanca, to enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the city of Salamanca. To do this, we can enjoy the parks of Salamanca and if it is hot, we can also enjoy the terraces of the bars.

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